Children deserve a life free from drugs and alcohol. Adults must lead the way.


  • More and more young Americans are choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and are becoming more conscious about their health and wellness.  Physical and mental wellness is resurging as a staple of our American culture.  We are witnessing a sweeping movement across this country to abstain from smoking and more college freshman are choosing to live in alcohol free college dormitories while national illegal drug usage rate is half of what it was two short decades ago.
  • Whether we witnessed a close friend or loved one die of lung cancer, an alcohol related traffic accident, a drug overdose, obesity related diseases, or suicide- one thing remains clear - there is a new zeitgeist forming in our society that has decided that life can be better lived.
  • The Freestyle Foundation is dedicated to supporting this culture and being the voice for the millions out there who live life substance free, while also promoting our values and beliefs to others who we hope will someday join our ranks.  We serve to benefit all of society regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political affiliation, sexual preference or current state of addiction or affliction.  We believe a healthy lifestyle of a sound mind in a sound body is essential for living a great life and for individuals to form a better community.
  • As an organization, we are committed to this cause to help educate America about the strengths of living life to its fullest and to empower a culture to stand and be proud.  The Freestyle Foundation in no way wishes to judge those who have physical or mental disabilities, addictions or moderately uses substances, or other vices and limitations.  We hope everyone who seeks respect and responsibility will join us in living free.